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by TDOMF_12E09 on APRIL 20, 2010 - 4 Comments in I WANT TO GO OFF GRID

Local, sustainable , organic ,meats and vegetables,. I have been off grid for 5 years is a 264 square foot cabin. I have operated on 60 watt panels that run the 12 volt water pump, 12 volt lights, and a plug to charge my cell phone and laptop (business must). I hope to add a 12 volt wind turbine this year and add a room. Have no refrigeration but intend to add after the wind turbine.

Need land to form a commune
by TDOMF_12E09 on APRIL 20, 2010 - 9 Comments in I AM OFF GRID AND I WANT OTHERS TO JOIN ME

We are forming a commune and would be forever grateful for a patch of land (with or without improvements) for our community.

Idyllia West is an income-sharing commune of people from all walks of life. Self-sufficient living in harmony with our selves, our souls and healthy lifestyle choices are the cornerstones of our community. We aren’t Luddites who hate technology, we just want to seek a balance between living in community and connectedness and the realities of the world. Frantic consumption has brought none of its promised happiness and much strife all over the globe. It is time to step away from all that and embrace the true needs of humans, a sense of belonging, security and acceptance.

We are in need of adequate land for a commune that believes in non-polluting ways and healthy living, healthy diet and exercise as part of our daily ritual of life as well as true self sufficiency.

Donation wanted. Rent to own also a possible or trade for 2400sqft ranch style on 1/3 acre in the NE DFW area. Seeking new members also.


Off Grid IDEAL 115 ac Lot in beautiful westernfoothills of Maine!!
by TDOMF_12E09 on APRIL 18, 2010 - 1 Comment in I WANT TO HELP PEOPLE WHO ARE OFF-GRID

landlowres1.gif (792 B)

landlowres1.gif (792 B)

landlowres2.gif (792 B)

landlowres2.gif (792 B)

landlowres3.gif (792 B)

landlowres3.gif (792 B)

115 ac amazing location in Western Maine. Ideal solar south facing, sloped from 1130 ft elev. to 920′ elev. North ridge with valley drop perfect for wind-power and the area has already been wind-test proven. Amazing property just 1500′ off major US Route-2 (ROW) yet totally secluded and private. Views of major New England mountains; teaming with wildlife; original homestead foundation and pristine condition dug well, natural streams. Wooded with detailed forest plan and nicely select cut. It doesn’t get any better than this, especially at $125,000. Contact Mr. Pepin at 207-660-2942 EST (between 7am~9am only please) or email at no brokers please

looking for a new home

me and my partner are in the process of looking for a new home around the edinburgh/scottish borders area. Secluded natural setting, pref with own water source and good gardens at a reasonable monthly rate. We have a van and yurt so as basic as can be is considered. We are also open to the idea of getting a few good folk together to rent a large rural house and going about life that way. any suggestions, interest or ideas greatly appreciated. blessings. peace.

Looking for off-grid/and or opportunities
by TDOMF_12E09 on APRIL 16, 2010 - 0 Comments in I AM OFF GRID AND I WANT OTHERS TO JOIN ME

Interested in being part of a community that is off grid.

Looking to go off-grid
by TDOMF_12E09 on APRIL 15, 2010 - 13 Comments in I AM OFF GRID AND I WANT OTHERS TO JOIN ME

DSCF5197.jpg (24 KB)

DSCF5197.jpg (24 KB)

We’re looking into the possiblity of going off-grid in the South West of the UK……anyone else who has done it, or looking to do it, want to get in touch for exchange of info etc?

solar panels- group buying
by TDOMF_12E09 on APRIL 5, 2010 - 1 Comment in I WANT TO HELP PEOPLE WHO ARE OFF-GRID

After 20 years without electricity, I have off-grid solar electric power system up and running for a year-and- a–half.

Want to add to my solar array, see great prices on PV panels in pallet lots. Need two more panels, approx 300W @ 24V. Would like to buy together with others not too far away(West Vrgfinia USA) to get better price.
Also have eight 1650 A-H 2v lead acid cells new dry-charged never filled but twelve years old to sell or trade, unless you have four more to sell me.

Happy to chat about solar power systems, off grid ultimate frugality, even politics an survival.

John “”

Anadalucia – join me
by TDOMF_12E09 on APRIL 1, 2010 - 1 Comment in I AM OFF GRID AND I WANT OTHERS TO JOIN ME

7 acre organic traditional andalucian farm. We cultivate almonds mainly, as well as olive, fig, loquat, and lemon trees. Water comes from a well for most of the year, and we have a solar water boiler, this year we will start looking at windpower for the water pumps.

Southern Oregon Off Gridder
by TDOMF_12E09 on MARCH 27, 2010 - 18 Comments in I AM OFF GRID AND I WANT OTHERS TO JOIN ME

We are a family looking to move off grid and become self sustainable. We would love to share the experience with like minded people, and relish the opportunity to connect others in this community!

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