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Seeking a permaculture solution…
by LILY on AUGUST 23, 2012 - 0 Comments in post

My husband and I are looking for a place to park our live-in vehicle over the autumn months, and possibly beyond. Our choice to live on wheels is both an ecological and financial decision, and a conscious choice to enable us to explore life beyond the perimeters of convention. We are embarking on a project that looks at positive alternatives to our current paradigm, and as part of this we are seeking a base in or near Brighton and the surrounding area. We imagine the back of your garden, the corner of a field, a driveway, or disused yard. We need very little, but access to an outside tap would be preferable. If there were a garden or potential for a veggie patch, we would love to help you bring it to life. We are 33 and 34 yrs, Pete is an ecological designer, specialising in permaculture, and guest lecturer at Brighton University; he is also a skilled carpenter and handyman. I am a sports massage therapist, permaculture student and community volunteer. We can offer help with cooking, cutting wood, caring for your garden, children or animals, our skills, enthusiasm, and a love for living synergistically with nature. If you would like to discuss possibilities, please email, or call 07832 258 877

looking for an off-grid adventure. many skills to offer !
by RONNIED3D on AUGUST 20, 2012 - 12 Comments in post

exp. carpenter looking for an otg community to join. willing to just go, at anytime.very little holding be back, very little baggage. honest, dependable, hard working. Would prefer somewhere i can work a part-time job also to help support the community.

Kansas community looking for more people
by PAGAN DREAMER on AUGUST 10, 2012 - 81 Comments in post

We are a small group with 30 acres in Kansas to share. We are looking for others that are willing to work with us to build a better more natural life. The winter will be spent working cleaning houses and repairs to make money for the community. We want to build green houses, and start a small csa in spring. In spring we will be working only on the land. We provide housing, meals and a small stipend for members. Members joining now will be included in all decision making. We welcome calls for more information and are accepting members now. We do not allow hunting on community land, or cruelty of animals or people. We are accepting of all ages, sexes, religions and more. If you want to be part of a large family and celebrate holidays, eat meals together and build a community that is self sustaining but not isolated consider calling us.

Young family of 3 looking for other families with children to join us
by STEVEN on AUGUST 6, 2012 - 32 Comments in post

Hello there, my wife and i are looking to go off the grid. were looking for one family or other families to start a community. we have a 5 year old and we dont want him to grow up alone. we are currently located in Berkeley CA but looking in other states for land. we are ready to make this move asap, we are ready to free ourselves from this crazy world of financial uncertainty. we are 26 and 25 years old, if your in this same position email me we can chat some more.

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