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Couple and Son Seeking New Life of True Freedom
by TNT on APRIL 27, 2012 - 11 Comments in post

Happily married couple with 12 year old son and beloved cats looking to move off-grid and/or into a eco-village/community. Husband is a hard worker who can build just about anything (has been doing flooring with tile, ceramic, etc. for 15 years) and has experience with construction. Wife is a stay at home mom whose skills have been counseling, researching, advertising, typing, sales, and fingers flying over a keyboard. Loves to cook and eager to learn “the old ways” of doing things.

We no longer want to be a cog in the wheel, but instead be self-sustaining.

by KIBAZAGAN on APRIL 18, 2012 - 3 Comments in post

by MWBANNISTER on APRIL 18, 2012 - 1 Comment in post

Im a 29 year old GWM, nurse, veteran, very laid back. Ive been running the rat race for to long now, I feel like I should be living the ideal life for me, which means one that is sustainable and at peace with nature. I’m Native American, and an all around Okie, if you have any suggestions or can help me to get OTG please get in touch with me, or text 9185049238

Endless Enigma Farm
by ALROD53 on APRIL 14, 2012 - 2 Comments in post

Hello again, We are looking for a young child less couple to help build a small self sustaining community. We have been here almost a year now and are well along but still much to do. We have one small cabin almost finished that someone could use till we get a more permanent and other location.
work would be gardening and light construction. you might look at older land buddy postings and read what we are about.
If you would like more info, you can email us at

Looking for land to build an Earthship
by TCHYKITA on APRIL 11, 2012 - 11 Comments in post

My husband and I are in the process of acquiring land upon which we’d like to build an off-grid, passive solar home (probably an Earthship). We’d also love to build a community of like-minded people, who value living in harmony with our natural environment. We are looking for suitable land in the foothills east of Sacramento, CA, as this is close to our jobs and family. We are looking for any helpful advice, guidance, resources, funding options, architects/builders with Earthship experience, and permaculture specialists.

Looking for a off the grid “partner”
by HEMLOCK on APRIL 8, 2012 - 3 Comments in post

Looking for a likeminded person interested in off the grid living. Ideally we would research similiar topics and discuss our best options. after feeling confident in our knowledge and skills we could set out on our adventure. I am 29 white male in Ohio but willing to go anywhere. email me if interested in talking more. my email is

Living simply with others
by MYMDUNCAN on APRIL 5, 2012 - 2 Comments in post

Hello there. I’m in a way a newcomer although I have lived in the woods before. However I now find myself feeling really stressed from society living and wish to find others who wish to live without it. I’m 24 and would welcome any advice, criticism, or offers from others who already have plans in place. Or perhaps just other individuals who would really like to just get together and find a way to make it work! I’m looking to find a way to do so soon, and look forward to meeting people, whoever they turn out to be.


Looking for 1 or 2 similar minded people
by VANESSA on APRIL 5, 2012 - 5 Comments in post

I moved to NYC about 5 years ago from China. After graduating from NYU in Jan, 2011, I have to take some time off due to some health issue. I am not the type of person can sit around and do nothing, so I started a roof-garden and raise chickens. Eating vegetable from my garden and eggs from my hens, and getting my hands dirty have greatly improved not just my physical health, but also brought me inner peace. I started to realize that this is what I want in life. I want more land, bigger garden, more animals, and live more self-sustained.
Although my family especially my husband had hoped that I would continue my education,but he also understand and respect my choice. Since last summer, we started to search that perfect piece of land we would like to have. Currently, we are in the process of closing a property from upstate NY. There are a house with 3 bedrooms and 2 baths in good condition; a metal barn or workshop which needs some work; 10 acres of land (a little less than 5 acres of cleared land and the rest is wooded), a well and septic system. There is also a creek running through the property year-around. The property is right by the county road and is not too far from major city. We are hoping we can move in before the end of this month(April, 2012). Since my husband works in IT, he will only go there during weekend and holidays. I need 1 or two people who can help me with all the works need to be done in order to make it a working farm. I am looking for people with farming experience such as organic gardening, caring animals, or are handy men type as we will need to build a greenhouse etc. I am open to partnership or work in exchange food and room. Any suggestions and ideals will be greatly appreciated.

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