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Looking to join a community
by SIMPLE91 on MARCH 28, 2012 - 6 Comments in post

I’m 20 year old female and I want to join a community in Washington state. I grew up in Slovakia, Europe where I worked on farms and whatnot. I’m a quick learner and a hard worker!

Just want to get away from this materialistic life.

Newcomer need advice
by STUBBINZ on MARCH 26, 2012 - 0 Comments in post

Hello, im 22 and i want to move off-grid. I have done a good amount of research into alternate energy sources, minimal energy usage, survival techniques, etc. I grew up in the Springs, but i have a Southern family in Arkansas that over the course of my childhood has taught me about hunting, fishing, field dressings, self suffiency, etc. I just don’t really have a good source of income and i was hoping to find someone that was willing to teach me a few trade skills and maybe give me some advice as to where to get started. All the research in the world and i still cant decide where or how to start with such a low budget. I also understand this is not an instant transition and will take time and investment, im just hoping anyone can help me get underway. Thank you.

Looking for others who want to go off grid
by SSMCIVILIAN on MARCH 22, 2012 - 30 Comments in post

I am going to live off-the-grid in the wilderness at a undisclosed location with my family(I don’t want to leave the exact whereabouts on here for fear of government interference)

We will have no power, no plumbing, no conveniences of any kind. All that we will have is what the waters, forests, and earth can provide naturally. Of course, we will have tools that will help with our endeavors, and we will have other things like canoes, tents, etc, But nothing major like a boat with a motor or an ATV. If you wish to join us then all you would need is your own tools. But, we do not want religious fanatics such as Jehovah’s witness or any other crazy religious group that wants to join us and save our souls and other such garbage. We are spiritual people with good morals and values. Also, we don’t have strange pagan beliefs or practice any crazy, out of this world rituals and such.

Anyways, back to our main topic. Why now? My reason for choosing an off-the-grid life is simple, I wish to get away not from society but from the system. We spend our lives working and working until we are sick, dying, or just plain worn out, and for what? So that we can achieve the so called “Dream of being rich and free” or “The jackpot of financial freedom?” So that our children can do the same once they’re of age? Or, so we can look forward to a pension and to spend the remainder of our days either wasting away in an old age home or in our own home? What would we look forward to? Another game of bridge or cards or even just spending time with other elders that are waiting for death as well? Even if our children visited us regularly, what then after?

Others will say that you can look forward to doing the things that you couldn’t when you were working, and that you can travel and go sightseeing when you retire, but how can one enjoy it when your body is old, tired, sore, and just plain worn out? If you think that you can and you will, then I say good for you and wish you well. As for the rest of us? We are all starting to realize many things about the system and are asking ourselves: why can’t one enjoy a life that is worry-free, and that is more abundant with time and freedom for us and our families? There has to be a way. There is, but you have to give up two things that is very prominent and is also dominating your life. What is it? Two words: Money and Convenience.

However, be forewarned that there will also be no hospitals in the wilderness, and that you have to be very careful when treading in it for if you obtain a serious wound, break a bone, or even get ill, you might not make it. I have plans to move soon and it will definitely be before or at the beginning of the summer. What do you think? How does this sound to you?

Life changes
by STUCK-N-UTAH on MARCH 22, 2012 - 3 Comments in post

Life likes to throw curve balls at you. Been dreaming of living off-grid for a few years now with my family, bought land to do so on, and now we cannot continue forward where we had intended to.

We own two plots, a total of 61 acres, in Brewster county TX. There’s grid power on one that would have made the build and transition easier, and a large wash with significant greenery on the other for raising livestock. Both are unfortunately for sale.

My wife, our two kids, and myself find ourselves stuck in UT. It’s not a bad state to be in by any means, just a lot colder than we wanted. But we’ve been blessed with a family member who’s a complete and total idiot. I figured for a long time that prison was her dream home, and now she’s reaching that goal.

Needless to say, she’s not worth staying in UT for. But seemingly unlike her mindset, her two wonderful children, our niece and nephew, are worth obeying the laws and freezing through the winters for. We can’t take guardianship of them unless we stay here, and that’s a change of plans we’ll gladly make.

So we’re looking around eastern UT, from Duchesne to Monticello, for land we can buy (once we sell the TX land), to raise all 4 kids in a small homestead on. We already live in the area, just outside of Price, UT. We already grow as much as we can on our small lot and really want to add some animals to the mix. But the house, lot size, and (most significantly) city regulations are insufficient for a truly self-sufficient homestead.

We’re open to the idea of finding a sub-dividable plot with someone (or family) who’s like minded. We even hope that whoever does buy our land in TX is someone who’d want to live there and steward the land. Goats, chickens, rabbits, gardening, and aquaponics are all high on our priority list. 15 to 20 acres would be terrific, but 5 is certainly workable if not under a city council with a God complex.

Anyone interested in our TX land, has land in UT, or just wants to chat, can email me at william dot m dot cooper @ gmail dot com.

Looking for Christians to form an Off-Grid Community
by BRIE217 on MARCH 20, 2012 - 44 Comments in post

I would like to start an off-grid community akin to L’Abri in either California, Oregon or Idaho. If you are a born-again Christian and would like to form an off-grid self-sustaining community that is open to visitors/students like L’Abri please contact me.

by ELIYAH on MARCH 14, 2012 - 16 Comments in post

I live in New Jersey. I would like to move within the next three months, possibly earlier.

Hi, I don’t like publicizing my actual name on the net, but I am foremost, a follower of YHWH. I would like to meet like minded people, and possibly go off grid soon. Somewhere in the NM area, or even Colorado, looks attractive. I know people make references to their race. I do not believe in race, but I am classified as Hispanic-American by the U.S. racial system of human categorization that is imposed upon me. Just a simple guy, that would like to live in peace, somewhere out in nature. I have a few resources, but possibly not enough to make it happen by myself. Looking for a
no-nonsense person, or persons that might want to give it a go, and have a
peaceful homestead. I like reading the scriptures, and reading , in general,
the layed-back type.

My attitude is that of a sort of monk, so I may be rather boring to some. I enjoy a certain amount of solitude, but can be very social. I enjoy throwing ball with my dog too. I do not like selfish people. Sorry, but that’s the truth, or people that think they are very wise, in their own estimation. I
like “humility,” or down-to-earthness. I am 49, but have the heart of a teen-ager. I know about health science, and the scriptures.

I can be reached by email at

Going otg soon, you coming too?
by GATOR on MARCH 10, 2012 - 6 Comments in post

Well guys im about ready to make the move. I think ill be buying property in missouri. It seems to be reasonably priced and what im looking for. I want to build a small homestead the old fashioned way and be as self sufficient as possible. Anyone else got what it takes? Let me know soon so we can find adjoining parcels or a large one to split.

looking for partner in cheap land deal to go off grid
by CHUCK on MARCH 6, 2012 - 37 Comments in post

Heres the Deal, i’m doing this with or without help no later than 12 months from now.

I’m 44 year old white male, soon to be single again, so i figure best time to do what ive been dreaming off for 20 years. i have found a website that has cheap land for sale, from some lot sizes to larger acreages, cheap not being that cheap but very doable, i want to buy at least 5 acres and i can get it just about anywhere i want for less than $4,000 with very low down and low monthly payments. i can do this by myself, but what fun is that, id rather go in with at least one other person, or even 3 or 4, the more people the bigger the land we can buy the cheaper on everyone it is. we split the cost equally between whoeever goes in, im sure we will need to get a lawyer to make it all legal and whatever. but i would love to do this with a few people or a small group. if you do contact me please only serious people. i figure as far as where we buy, we do it on vote or coin toss pin the tail lol whatever.

about me. im 44 and a master carpenter, i know how to build cheap but nice. i have all tools and an old beat up truck that runs great, i have children but none that would be with me. i will be divorced before this takes place. this is something i am very serious about, im a hard working man, and when i start something i give everything i have to it. i am an avid camper, hiker, and bicyclist, i am very laid back very easy to get along with and i dont let alot bother me.

is what id like to find in a partner or partners, is male or female doesnt matter to me, im not looking for a mate. someone who is as serious as i am about this, and with some sort of knowledge about alternative energy, growing food, water conservation, food storage, basically someone with any kind of knowledge would be good, you dont have to know anything, thats why al gore invented the internet, (sarcasm) lol. i dont care what race, color, creed, religion, or whatever you want to believe in, i dont drugs of any kind, and i only drink rarely, i dont want to be in a deal with a drunk or a drug addict, of you smoke a little weed i dont care, as long as its not the most important thing to you in you life.

so if you think this is something you like to do, then email and lets talk, we can exchange numbers then, i dont know if this site will let me leave an email on here so im going to write it, just take out the spaces i put in,

bike chuck67 at gmail dot com

so doent hesitate lets chat about it and go from there, im thinking as for location, kind of south west or west, missouri, nevada, idaho, arizona, new mexico, someplace with a temperment climate, and im not talking desert parts of sw states, but im open to anywhere, i am not tied to any place.

ok thats enough for now, lets talk thanks

People for Community in Scotland
by JAMIEPIERCE on MARCH 3, 2012 - 17 Comments in post

We are seeking others of like-mind to create an off-the-grid spiritual community in the Scottish Highlands. We don’t at the moment have any land in mind, although we are seeking a certain type of land and in a certain area.

We don’t want to exclude people purely on the basis of how much money they do, or don’t have, but realistically this won’t be possible, so at this early stage we think that each member would have to contribute approx. £5,000. This fee will be for helping to purchase the cost of the land and all associated fees etc.

The community will be a purely spiritual (not religious) and vegetarian in nature. The long term vision for the community will be for a place of healing, safety and learning.

We envision that we would have a population of about 50 or more people, consisting of men, women and children of various ages and ethnic origins etc.

If you are interested, or you know someone who maybe, then please drop me an email at: or visit my blog:

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