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84 acre Virginia Commune
by DUST on JULY 30, 2011 - 56 Comments in post

Going Off-Grid…currently a once thriving tobacco farm that we’re renovating (slowly) in need of help in the gardens and with the animals in exchange for a place to live and some food…a going commune…but am done with those under 25 who come and then do little if anything…need Doers not dreamers and talkers…beautiful area among the amish farms of Virginia’s southern Piedmont between Richmond and Raleigh…have a large beautiful but as yet unfinished cabin…a sharecropper’s shack…a pop-up trailer…and an old house used mainly for storage…John (GoldMiningGuy) is renovating a shorty school bus as living acommodations…sandra the farm owner offering a place to live and some food in exchange for 15 solid hours in the gardens helping with specialty crops that she has a buyer for…just not the help to get it done this year….and some help feeding and watering Sicilian Donkeys and chickens and Penny the rescue horse. Going off-grid but still has phone and internet and limited electricity…an RVer with a smaller rig would be welcome. Prefer nobody under 25 as they all drift off to the city lights and don’t get it when it comes time to get up early and work in the gardens for a couple hours a day! She also has little side businesses on eBay and etsy and flea market selling.

Looking to move
by OINGRAM on JULY 30, 2011 - 1 Comment in post

Looking for someone outside metro area to move to to live off grid. Also looking for someone who has land/house to sell/rent outside metro area, perhaps with a litle land where this can happen. Also interested in finding like minded people who would like to form coop to accomplish the same. you may contact me at

Virginia Commune
by DUST on JULY 29, 2011 - 58 Comments in post

My female farmer friend sam has started an intentional community in the rolling countryside of Southside Virginia amidst amish farms…very rural…has 84 acres…nearby creek to cool off…large not quite finished cabin and a sharecropper’s shack and a pop-up trailer and an old house used mainly for storage…it’s rough and tumble…not quite primitive…going off-grid one sector at a time…just started hooking up some solar panels…John (GoldMiningGuy) is renovating a shorty schoolbus as living acommodations…there is phone and internet and right now limited electricity…oh, and a well. Sam needs folks who are doers and not dreamers who just talk…especially needs help getting the gardens back up and running as she has buyers for some specialty crops like sunchokes but doesn’t have the help right now. She even splits profits on the crops but it takes work to git’er done. She needs 15 hours a week of real work (helping in the gardens and feeding & watering the critters…the donkeys are a hoot) in exchange for a place to live and some food…if you have some income that’d be best if you’d like to partake of phone and internet and electricity until they’re off grid powered…she has side businesses on eBay and etsy and flea market selling…do you have anything like that too??…also has chickens and donkeys and a rescue horse named Penny. Secluded and very rural. Nearby town of 35,000 has Walmart (uugghh) and Lowes and Tractor Supply and more. Not much job opportunity here. An RVer would fit in great if it’s not too big. Have had 16 people in the last 2 years, most all slowly drift away to the big city lights so prefer no one under 25…just haven’t seen any commitment in that age group…older even better!!!!!

Pure Portugal – we live off-grid and love to help others to!
by PUREPORTUGAL on JULY 26, 2011 - 11 Comments in post

We live off-grid (solar power and own spring water) on a 3 hectare smallholding with permaculture & forest gardens where we grow much of our own food.

We welcome visitors on work exchange (long or short-term) to learn about this way of life.

We also love to help others find their own piece of paradise through our business Pure Portugal Ltd which has a portfolio of almost 1,000 properties for sale in Central Portugal – we specialise in off-grid, organic, permaculture properties, smallholdings, farms, ruins and renovation projects.

We can help you find cheap land to site a yurt, tipi, or caravan – to an historic manor house suitable for communal living.

See our website:

Lets build a village
by CHOWAN on JULY 17, 2011 - 22 Comments in post

Hi im living off grid in the high desert of NE Nevada and Im looking for others to join me in my adventure.It has always been a dream
to found a village of friends and neighbors
a community of different types of people but with a simple common ideal freedom.Freedom to
build how you want to eat whatever you want without some politician telling you its approved for consumtion. (more…)

looking to start an off grid bamboo village
by BAMBOOFAM on JULY 15, 2011 - 14 Comments in post

We are a young family of four with two dogs, two cats. We are looking in the northwest for 10 to 50 acres, owner finance or lease to own land. Need trees, water, and sun. We are so tired of the suburban life. My wife is montessori school trained and homeschooling our 5 year old son and 3 year old daughter. Wish to have others join us in the quest to grow most of our own food, live off grid (microhydro power preffered), and start a bamboo village. We have lots of bamboo now and wish to farm it for timber and food. Making bamboo products in a shop while living a organic farm/forest lifestyle. Bamboo really is the future when it comes to life. We have studied/researched this for about 6 years now. We are totally family focused, our kids come first.

Looking to build a new life.
by PLAGUED707 on JULY 3, 2011 - 11 Comments in post

I’m not from a big city just a small town, but I’m still starved for the feeling of just letting myself be free with the land. Although its a small town its still completely sectioned off, sold in grids long ago before my time and no one is selling for reasonable prices.

Well a quick run down on me and what I’m looking for. First off I have 5 dogs all work dogs an Australian cattle dog/Shepard, and 4 Lab/Chesapeake bay retrievers

I of would be needing a buddy who is dog friendly and compliant. My dogs are great hunting and guard dogs. This means I’m looking for land parcels no less than 10 acres.

I’m am efficient with a firearm/bow and plan to do hunting, fishing, and agriculture.

Looking for a strong willed, intelligent, chill person or persons to maybe start a friendship or community with.

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