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gotta get the hell outta dodge
by CARBONCLEAN on FEBRUARY 27, 2011 - 1 Comment in I WANT TO GO OFF GRID

would like to get out to christmas vally but would need a job.

Bulk food supplies

With food prices going up and up with no end in sight, some of us have already started buying extra food to put away for hard times, and believe me, hard times can come at any time for many reasons, from weather incidents to terrorist (domestic and foreign) attacks. It can be something as simple as losing your income because of being fired, laid off, cut hours, downsizing and such. Wouldn’t it be nice to have one less worry, one less thing competing for your hard earned money? Well if you have a store of food, then you can spend your money on fuel, mortgage or rent, insurance and such instead of worrying about where your next meal will come from or having to choose between buying groceries or paying for other things. Food is expensive, buying in bulk is usually less expensive, but you have to have the money to pay upfront for your bulk purchase. I have learned of a place where you can buy foods in bulk and in #10 cans on the cheap.


We are moving

we are moving
Posted by Kim Blakewood on February 22, 2011 at 2:47pm
Hi My name is Mr.Kim so you will not be confused. I have been researching living off the grid for about three years now. We are moving to our property march 3 2011 and we are going to start building A wind/solar farm and our home.
I thought to start a co-op of people who wanted to also get out from under the rent monster. And who are tired of being a slave to the system.
Tired of working for the power company the phone company and your landlord H.O.A.’s telling you what color you can paint your house. Every body having their hand out at every corner. gas prices robbing you at every turn.
Well Any one who is passing by can come visit or help out as we will set aside an area for visitors to camp and see the stars at night in the day we will be working on building a great house using forklift pallets and recycled wood from used fences construction waste and Craig’s list free submissions.

We are asking any one who may be in the area who can haul a load of scrap lumber, pallets,fence post,pickets or runners come on by we will have dinner and look at the stars by a camp fire. Here is our web site so you can ask for directions going west you take I10 to Van Horn and take a right at hwy 90 go twenty miles and look for the sign WINDFARM and you are there.

We are building a co-op for green energy and you can be part of it. We ask that you respect the land and do not bring alcohol or drugs on the land we ask that you take any trash that you make away with you when you leave.That being said I would like to offer friendship to those who want to live off the grid and those who do.

We will be teaching skills for living off grid as well as learning new skills. In the next two years we are going to erect twenty wind turbines and make solar arrays that will cover a 1/2 acre using nano solar peel and stick solar panels. That is our goal to bring our members all the news about what green energy can do for them so sign up today its free to join.

Subscribe for 30.00 dollars a month for twelve months and when we sell power to the grid you will get a check. E-mail us as always we will be glad to answer any questions you may have thank you for your time. Reverend Kim Blakewood

Looking for any offgrid knowledge reference material

Physicist with dairy farm roots living in the city seeking good reference material/books/manuals for offgrid living with the goal of moving the family back to a rural environment in a few years. Presently, I have installed solar panels and windmills, and I’m always experimenting with gardening projects. I’ll be looking to by land in north Mississippi in the near future to build an earth home in a remote location.

Freeze dried vs dehydrated foods

I have the opportunity to talk to people about storing foods from time to time, especially since we are off grid and do not use refrigeration very often, we have a couple of small dorm sized fridges but rarely plug them up, I also have access to my neighbor’s refrigerator. I have heard more than one conversation where people confuse dehydrated food with freeze dried foods. They are in fact, two different things. (more…)

Ten Best places to Survive in America
by ALROD53 on FEBRUARY 19, 2011 - 383 Comments in COMMUNITY, LAND

Green power in Red Oak

OK folks, Ithought it was relevant as to my reasons for going off the grid…. and something to consider when looking for land to survive on in case of national emergency.

Away from the shadow of a major city is the top priority.

Here is the list in reverse order – Number one at the end.

10. Pikeville, Tennessee.  A small town of about 2000 people with moderate land prices with great natural resources for living off the grid with an added bonus of being in the picturesque Sequatchie Valley.

9. Cedar City, Utah. With a population of 25 to 30.000 people and one of the largest cities to make this list. Utah has an independent attitude as far as other states go. Cedar City has some reasonable priced land with some having beautiful mountain views wich also helped it make the list. (more…)

Where there’s food, there’s fuel
by VEG-HEAD on FEBRUARY 16, 2011 - 1 Comment in ENERGY, FOOD

Kandeh Yumkella

A Kenyan slaughterhouse is now more than a source of meat — its a source of energy.

A biogas plant has been opened near Nairobi to turn the animal waste from the slaughterhouse into 30 kilowatts of power, enough to light up the abattoir.

United Nations Industrial Development Organisation (Unido) Director-General Kandeh Yumkella said, while opening the biogas plant at Dagoretti recently, that Kenya needed to invest more in community off-grid power to become globally competitive. (more…)

National Grid – serial incompetents (or maybe just dishonest)
by NICK ROSEN on FEBRUARY 15, 2011 - 4 Comments in ENERGY

Holliday - "wide boy"

National Grid, a Utility that hit the headlines last year when it was caught trying to use its senior executives food and travel expenses as a justification for raising energy prices across the North-Eastern United States, is in the news again this week – for all the wrong reasons.

In a blow to its CEO, former band roadie Steve Holliday, National Grid announced that many of its 18 million gas meters in the UK are routinely overcharging customers. The sums involved total millions of pounds a year, possibly tens of millions. The company says that the problem is restricted to certain models of gas meter, especially older ones, but also models made in 2000.


off-grid living alone
by CONNIED on FEBRUARY 14, 2011 - 17 Comments in I WANT TO GO OFF GRID

I am not interested in having an experimental community. I am interested in living alone.
I have 30 acres, now, 20 acres are buildable. It is 1/2 mile up from a scenic highway, on an undeveloped track, next to Glacier National Park.
I have considered splitting the 20 acres, or leasing, or trade.
I have also considered making it into a retreat with a pavillion plus individual “hermit huts” scattered about the property.
However, sharing the 20 buildable acres with one other person having their own home seems the most congenial.

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