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Want to be free
by NEWTRIBE on AUGUST 26, 2010 - 13 Comments in I WANT TO GO OFF GRID

I am a 29yr old female in the process of trying to move off grid with a few other people. Looking to start or join a tribe with same interests; living simply, living off the earth and enjoying our lives as people did for thousands of years before “civilization”. I say tribe because I hope to be able to have a legacy, not founded on lies and crap but on what we are, what we know and not all the false pretenses we’ve grown to believe as the truth. We are looking for arable land, with trees and limited government control anywhere in the world. Any help is greatly appreciated.

Off-grid generators – am I asking too much?
by TECHSTAR on AUGUST 26, 2010 - 17 Comments in ENERGY

I want that one

Mark Walker analyses what you will need from a generator when going off the grid

Here I am living in semi-rural suburbia, concerned about the environment my children will inherit and frustrated by electricity bill increases and irritated by supply reliability. It’s time for me to take my three bedroom semi-detached house ‘off-grid’. But to me, ‘off grid’ isn’t just about the removal of or lacking an electrical connection. I also want independence – from government policies and legislation, big multi-nationals, dealerships, service organisations, in fact, anybody. So how do I do this?

Having learnt the hard way that off-grid power generation requires a machine much more robust than those air-cooled, high speed, super-silent (yeah, right!) things found on eBay, I realised that I would have to set my budget sensibly. (more…)

How to have your own spring-water
by MARESE on AUGUST 25, 2010 - 1 Comment in EVENTS

Mr and Mrs Lawrence

Thomas Lawrence has his own off-grid place – here is what he learned about securing his own water source.

From the moment I became interested in the self-sufficient life style, always wanted to have a source of water around my house. Now, my dream came true, and I can share with you my easy-to-implement method for managing your own spring.
If you are thinking of  buying your dream property with a creek on it, and using it for all your necessities including some hydro-electric, you might have an unpleasant surprise.
Why you may ask?
There is every chance you will kiss goodbye your privacy.
The laws regarding public access on propriety can be a turn-off if the creek is full of fishes.  Everyone who is in the mood for fishing can use your creek!
Another down and dirty surprise that you may have is even if you own the land, you don’t own the rights to use the water on your land. (more…)
Land Wanted!
by SOCCERMEDIC1974 on AUGUST 25, 2010 - 9 Comments in I WANT TO GO OFF GRID

I am looking for land near GA. Somewhere we can drive to on long weekends and work on building an off the grid home. So in a few years when my son is done with high school we can move there.

Seeking… :)
by SPRITE333 on AUGUST 24, 2010 - 14 Comments in I WANT TO GO OFF GRID

I am a 40 year old female currently seeking to soon move off-grid. Looking to buy a couple acres of land and build a natural house and start a small organic farm OR to find an already established community to move to and be able to grow produce for myself, to share and sell at markets. I’d like to get a dog and chickens for pets only.

The landscape and people are most important. I’m open to go almost anywhere including another country.

No hunters… I am mostly vegan. And I’d much prefer to be with other vegans or vegetarians.
No religious people… spiritual is okay. And must be gay friendly.

I am a very fun loving type of person with sence of humor, love the outdoors and am trustworthy and hard working. I am a professional with healing, space clearing and feng shui. I am holistic.

If you have any leads or insterests.. please contact me to discuss further.

Seeking Serious Solutions
by HEAL2DAY on AUGUST 21, 2010 - 2 Comments in I WANT TO GO OFF GRID

I am a 52 yr old woman looking for like minded people with abilities to build an off grid cabin or earth shelter and farm or garden organically. Must like goats and chickens and guardian dogs. Currently looking for 5 to 10 acres in northeastern Indiana. Must not be affraid of the elements and to share knowledge, experience and finances. Reply with history and goals to this post or

Young family looking for community
by RMFERBER on AUGUST 21, 2010 - 5 Comments in I WANT TO GO OFF GRID

We are a young family living in Omaha Nebraska, we plan to move to some land as soon as possible to start building our own home and growing our own food. We have a one year old daughter, a dog and two cats. I have worked on an organic farm and have some experience with growing and preserving food, my partner is a bicycle mechanic with several years experience. Mostly we just have a lot of enthusiasm, desire to learn and strong arms!

Pay it Back (avoid the double dip)
by NICK ROSEN on AUGUST 19, 2010 - 0 Comments in WORK

...only in the movies..

In the opening scenes of Wall Street 2,  Gordon Gekko leaves  jail after serving a fraud sentence.  But that has yet to happen in real life.  While millions of families watch their homes and savings go up in smoke, the bankers, hedgies, insurers and other financial managers are hanging on both to their jobs and to the vast bonuses they accumulated over the past decade  – bonuses paid on falsely declared profits.

The IMF estimates the total value of all writedowns by  banks and other financial institutions at roughly US$3.4 trillion.
Veggie Off-Grid!!!

I am in the early stages of a off grid earthen Eco community, We are seeking people interested in living off grid in natural built structures, I am looking for vegans and vegetarians only, friendly animals are welcome. We are trying to create a friendly place that people can come and truly be part of something that will allow you to be honest and grow together as a family, allow us to give back to this divine planet we live on and live a light and comfortable lifestyle. There is lots of work to be done to attain this and your level of involvement will prove your desire to be here. Gardening or permaculture skills will be a plus!!
We will be building cob, strawbale and other natural built homes on site.

reply with a little bit of your history, such as experiences in related areas, length of vegan or veggie lifestyle, life goals, things like that..

Look forward to hearing back from you!!!

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