Any Place but PORTLAND!

Moving SOUTH. Northern California or the SouthWest. I have a 16′ yurt, wood stove and pipe, cord-and-a-half of seasoned firewood, truck and small flat-bed trailer, tools.

TN OTG Co-Op Community

[before_listing id=223 images= youtube=null] I am in the process of initiating an OTG co-op community in Upper Cumberland Tennessee. I would like to network with others who have already successfully established and OTG home as part of my information gathering … Continued


Looking & Listening

00 [before_listing id=224 images=http://www.off-grid.net/wp-content/uploads/89cf1b10a1c6572f621974726ce19943.jpg youtube=null] Me = Male, 55, Aries, No wife, no kids, no ties. I am a non-institutionalized human. I practice non-compliance. No diplomas, no certificates. No worshiping. No licenses or insurance’s. Highly self-educated & previously a contractor, … Continued


Looking In MO.

00 [before_listing id=222 images= youtube=null] Hello Looking With In 150 Miles Of St Louis.. Ozark Mt. Area. Looking For 100 acres Mixed Open And Woods With Springs. Looking to Set In Up For Off Grid In Next Cpl Years.. Grow … Continued


I want coastal acreage 10k cash

00 [before_listing id=220 images= youtube=null] I’m a working nature artist, living off residuals, semi-retired. I’ve been living mobile for the past 5 years. I’d like to continue living off the grid. I have 12K in cash saved. I prefer coastal … Continued

Freeman Eco Village

00 [before_listing id=219 images= youtube=null] Calling on all freemen/women that would like to live differently, be independent, take down interest based money and all acts (excepting those that support the common law), especially the 4000+ private acts of enclosure beginning … Continued