Seeing it first hand

00 [before_listing id=181 images= youtube=null] I have thought about going off grid for years but would like to see a successful model of it myself. Anyone nearby that would like to share?[landbuddy_listing id=181 youtube=null]


Killed by the Grid

National Grid escape charges after woman has power cut off to her home oxygen supply. She died

Off Grid in BC

[before_listing id=177 images=http://www.off-grid.net/wp-content/uploads/131a2c65a521be3e47a8d2b4d339c897.jpg youtube=null] I want to help people find off the grid homesites in BC, especially cool and remote ones in the Cariboo/Chilcotin. I know a lot about buying and selling real estate in British Columbia, and I know … Continued


Green UK bank nears launch

Green Investment Bank with billions of government funds, as well as tens of billions of private money, nears launch


Man Maketh the Clothes

Make your own clothes – Book review of Through the Eye of a Needle by John-Paul Flintoff, about a middle class guy who makes his own Y-fronts to prove he has not been infantilised by consumer society


Greek Islands for sale

+10 The world is waking up to the potential sales of thousands of tiny Greek islands as bug-out locations or even permanent residences. Off-Grid.net first reported on Greek Islands for sale on 6 March  2010 under the title – Time … Continued