DIY-Loom knitting

+6-6   Round loom knitting, have you heard of it? This is a type of knitting that uses a loom instead of using knitting needles. I never learned to knit with needles, my mother like to crochet. She always had something … Continued


Compost tumblers for best results

00   Compost is easy to make but it happens much faster and easier with a compost tumbler because you need to turn compost regularly to get oxygen into the mix. You must tumble the contents of the bin five to … Continued


Fuel Cells ready for mass market

00   Oorja Protonics, which specializes in methanol fuel cells, is soon to release a product able to run a home or small business. Check out the video on the next page: the 5-kilowatt fuel cell fits on top of a … Continued


Solar heating your home

00   A sunspace can make a dark room into a bright living space. It is also a source of solar heating for your home and a place to garden all year round. A sunspace is usually a light-frame enclosure made … Continued


Community Power in the UK

00   The UK government has issued a draft policy document empowering town halls to  bring in decentralised energy schemes. A 12-week consultation exercise on revised planning policy statements (PPSs) covering climate change and the natural environment was launched last week. … Continued


How to choose the right solar water pump

00   A free guide to choosing a solar water pump has been published by scientists from Agricultural Research Service (ARS). Agricultural engineer Brian Vick drew on the ARS Conservation and Production Research Laboratory’s 31 years of testing stand-alone water pumps. … Continued


Alone in the Wilderness

+10   Dick Proenneke is the star of Alone in the Wilderness, a grainy super-8 film he shot himself. It chronicles his life in the wilderness and it is a YouTube and Amazon hit (click keep reading for the beautiful YouTube … Continued


Solar hot water for pennies

00   The Townhead Collective in the North of England is a group of twenty men and women who live off the grid in comfort on very little money. This video shows one of the residents Piet Defoe explain exactly how … Continued