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Se Vende – For Sale – Valencia -Terreno rustico – Mountain land

Se vende. Terreno rustico de aprox 28.000 m2 con dos casitas y deposito de agua. Zona muy tranquila con vistas a la montana y uvas, almendros y olivos.

For sale. Mountain land of approx. 28,000 m2 with two small houses to be refurbished and a water cistern. Very quiet area with mountain views and vines, almonds and olive trees.

Contact: Nicola (+34) 96 648 2449 or

Fox buys John Twelve Hawks
by SPY_VONDEGA on FEBRUARY 28, 2010 - 1 Comment in COMMUNITY

12 Hawks? Or Frey?

Is there really a John Twelve Hawks?

The author of a bestselling sci-fi series called the Fourth Realm Trilogy lives off the grid, according to the New York Post and writes about the surveillance society. He has never met his editor or agent and uses a voice scrambler and satellite phone to communicate.
Recently,Fox optioned the film rights.  This success generated considerable envy from poorly paid scribes.
Twelve Hawks might be a pseudonym of James Frey, suggests one. (more…)
10 acres near Durango — trees,spring
by NICK ROSEN on FEBRUARY 26, 2010 - 10 Comments in I WANT TO GO OFF GRID

Brian writes:
I own two separately deeded 10 acre parcels side by side.
Both border 9000 acres of public land and are secluded and quiet. They are located approximately 30 miles sw of Durango, Colorado and have a nice view of the La Plata mountains to the north about 20 miles. These are the southern San Juan Mountains.

There is no water on the property but a very nice spring that you pay $100 per year to use as much as you want. There are many people hauling water in this area and it is only about 9 miles from the property on a straight country road. The last 1.75 miles to the property is an unmaintained county road. I am keeping one of the 10 acre parcels to live off the grid and will built a small structure out there this summer.
I have already done experiments with gravity fed drip irrigation on timers to grow food. It was very productive and I was able to leave for extended periods and it took care of itself on two double A batteries. I would be
willing to sell one of the 10 acre parcels. Let me know if you are interested in more info

Emergency Power: engine-driven generators
by ELNAV on FEBRUARY 25, 2010 - 11 Comments in OFF-GRID 101

when it breaks down....

Living off the grid,  generators have a place. There comes a time  when some backup power is needed.  In most cases  this means using an engine to turn some form of generator.

People living  in Vans, camping trailers or small cabins tend to view  a seperate engine driven  generator as a nuisance  to be tolerated  and  usually do  not wish to spend much money. Various alternatives  present themselves.
Running the Van motor to charge up  the battery is among the first  solutions  that  comes to mind.  Next is a small  stand alone portable genset and  a typical automotive charger  that plugs into the mains. (more…)
Off-Grid Community – North-West Majorca
by NICK ROSEN on FEBRUARY 25, 2010 - 9 Comments in I WANT TO GO OFF GRID

This is my heart-stoppingly beautiful mountainous woodland near the ancient village of Deia.

Word has spread amongst walkers who come to the mountain from around the world, but they rarely pass the front door of this 6 acre mixture of pine and olive plantations.

Its remote – 700M above sea level – a 20 minute drive from the main road – and there is enough water, several buildings and several neighbours, all local farmers.

We have a lot of fun up here, and there is plenty of work to be done – and the opportunity to join me and help out on the land in return for a place to stay and space to exist quietly.

Get in touch with = +447768507693

LandBuddy – link with others off the grid
by NICK ROSEN on FEBRUARY 25, 2010 - 7 Comments in LANDBUDDY

Welcome to the beta launch of LandBuddy ™, a place where you can find new off-grid friends and form groups to share land, acquire real estate  and other resources (no commercial postings please).

Looking for the perfect bug-out location?  Real Estate prices are high. Or perhaps you already have some forest or agricultural real estate and are looking for others to share the land?  But who?

Or, maybe you’re just intrigued by this idea of living off the grid, and you want to meet some folks who are building a community together, and help out a bit.

Whichever your interest,’s new LandBuddy service is for you. Real estate prices may have fallen but good land is still out of the reach of most. And finding other people who also want to live in an off the grid community in the same region as you is really hard.

We are here to help change that. (more…)

Anyone off-griding in canada?

I’d want to go offgrid at that point in the map, anyone near me?

Government grants create turbine debacle
by ALEXBENADY on FEBRUARY 25, 2010 - 3 Comments in ENERGY

Alex Kapranos turbine supporter

The UK Government’s energy conservation watchdog has admitted that consumers were duped by inappropriate grants into buying wind turbines that never stood a chance of working properly.

In an attempt to ensure that there is no repeat of the wind turbine debacle, the Energy Savings Trust, funded by Government and big energy companies, has embarked on the first large-scale trials aimed at providing definitive information on the performance of different green technologies in the UK.

The first trial concluded that an unknown amount of government cash has been wasted encouraging urban consumers to buy wind turbines when no one really knew whether they were effective or not. (more…)

US Embassy in London to be off-grid ready
by TECHSTAR on FEBRUARY 24, 2010 - 1 Comment in LAND, URBAN

cuddly and inclusive

For decades the residents of elite Grosvenor Square in London’s Mayfair had to contend with overbearing security along the entire side of the square occupied by the American Embassy.  Now, much to their relief,  the Embassy is moving to the less rarified area of Wandsworth, and in environmental terms, the new building will be everything America aspires to but rarely achieves.

The $500m building will be nearly self-sufficient in energy production and capable of operating off-grid “for an extended period,” according to officials.
Unlike most glass office buildings, which appear slick and hard-edged, this one will look soft and pillowy thanks to the lightweight plastic attached to the façade “like boat sails.” (more…)

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