Fuel-free fridge

Using a very old idea – the cooling power of the evaporation of water – a small Indian group has released plans for an inexpensive way to keep food cool and fresh, without any power source.

The bamboo iceless refrigerator is a low cost device that can be used to store food items. This not only preserves the food longer but also keep it cool. This bamboo refrigerator can be used to store vegetables, fruits or even keep your beers cold.


Solar power from car parts

In an attempt to break the high initial cost of solar power for remote regions, an MIT team has developed a small – 1kW – solar concentrating combined heat and power system. It uses the concentrated heat in an Organic rakine cycle, in which a liquid with a low boiling temperature is reused over and over – to turn a turbine salvaged from an old car.


Taos Solar Music fest

00 Smaller than Live Earth Michael Franti & Spearhead, is topping the bill tonight at the final day of the 9th Taos Solar Music Fest. Get down there if you are in the area. Franti blends hip hop with a … Continued


Solar Taxi hype

The Solar Taxi is not a taxi and is not powered entirely by solar.


UK Coast is clear

Walkers to be given access to whole UK Coastline – some diehard landowners resist