Small family of 3 looking for a place to live off grid in europe
by GEEQUILIBRIUM on OCTOBER 29, 2014 - 4 Comments in I WANT TO GO OFF GRID

Hi everyone, we are a family of 3, me (30), my wife (28) and our 2 year young son looking for opportunity to go away from concrete and greed that surrounds it. Looking for a place in Europe, preferably at the warmer end. I lived in Banbury,UK, for a year trying to pump up the business we started a year ago, and since this started my wife and kid was forced to move to my wifes parents (that is another country) and stay there for a year, because our situation hasn’t allowed us to live together because of the lack of money .. so I lived completely alone for a year trying to build up the better life so they can come back and so we can live happy ever after, but everything went off, just a week ago, when i found out that the person i was renting the premises from had no right to rent it for me and so he was fired and i had two weeks to move out.. Now we don’t have anything left what so ever, i am still with no family of mine in a tiny room alone.. and this is the end for the rat race for me. I am a hard working person with spiritual values, vegan- most of the time, love nature and would always like to be around it, because this is our true home in the first place, I respect every living organism on this planet and do no harm to any, all in all we are all one and made from the same stuff, got to respect that. My passion is gardening and permaculture, especially permaculture food forest, i have a huge amount of ideas on self sufficient houses and life style, ready to build a cob house, replant corporate eroded lands with forest, get life back to nature, make it an Eden that it was again, live with the land of the land in cycle. I am looking for this opportunity to finally be with my family and so our kid would not have to experience all this babylonian type of existence, but truly grow up and live the life like it should be. We are looking for a sincere person/s with a peace of land that we could live on and pay back with our labour and fruit and veg that we would produce there in exchange, not a commercial scale.. and thats because our financial situation is still the same.. We will take care of the land as it would be ours. Looking for a like minded people to join if that would be an option, I can work with wood, land, make rain water collecting, i use holistic healing methods using plants, and loads more.
Looking forward to your replies.
Much appreciation. Thank you! Gee

10 Acres in Imperial SoCal Desert

I own 10 acres in SoCal desert of Imperial County. The land is mine, free and clear, I’m not in the process of buying it or giving payments on it. I would like to create a self sustaining homestead type property but honestly I know I need help. I can’t do all the work myself even though I do have a background in construction. I don’t plan on living there just yet but if I could find someone that is willing to live there and take care of it as if it was their own and work on the land to improve it and have some type of agenda and ideas that would be great. I of course would like to work as a team member and have our ideas bounce off each other and get along. I would not charge anything as long as we would agree on the projects and what is going to be done to improve the land. I’ve seen rabbits and bighorn sheep and burro deer out there so I know the land can become livable and sustainable. the land is east of Brawley, Southwest of Palo Verde and North of the Chocolate Mountains. It’s West of Highway 78 on Skyline drive. That’s the best description I can give without giving the exact location of my property. Anyways, shoot me an email and let me know your thoughts and ideas on this subject. Thanks!

How to make lightweight oilskin tarps from bed sheets
by WRETHAOFFGRID on OCTOBER 26, 2014 - 0 Comments in WRETHA


Weight – a unit of heaviness or mass; any heavy load, mass, or object; the vertical force experienced by a mass as a result of gravitation

Gravity. It’s unescapable… on this planet. It keeps us grounded. But it also weighs us down.

I consider myself to be in decent physical condition. Even so, at my age, every pound added to my backpack affects the gravitational pull and energy needed to carry the stuff. I’m no ultralight hiker by any stretch, but I do try to lighten my load every chance I get.

I’ve wanted to own an oilskin tarp for some time now. They’re durable but too pricey for our budget at this time. A quality oilskin tarp (new) will set you back $200. My motto, when it comes to gear, is buy the best you can afford. Or, go the common man route and make your own.

The idea for this project came from William Collins’ 4 part series on his YouTube channel. I’ve condensed his method into a short tutorial for you. (more…)

Looking for an Off-Grid Buddy

I am 41 and will be moving to my property on the Big Island of Hawaii. The property is about an half acre and is raw land jungle like. I am planning the move sometime in January 2015. I am looking for a buddy who would be interested in joining me on this adventure and together we can create a sustainable paradise. My skills are in plumbing and electrical and some skills in carpentry. Would be nice to have someone who has strong skills in carpentry. I would like to create a nice simple shelter using the natural resources on the property. Willing to share the land in exchange for the help. The climate is perfect all year round and most anything grows in the area.
Looking for someone with a peaceful nature and someone who enjoys a peace and quiet type of lifestyle.
If this seems like something you would be a great candidate for, you can leave your email here and we can discuss further…

Living in a Fire Truck
by NICK ROSEN on OCTOBER 22, 2014 - 0 Comments in PEOPLE


Forester Simon Danant started living in his 1980s Bedford truck last summer. Its a former Army fire engine.

He moves it around Cambridgeshire, living behind hedges or down green lanes for a week or two at a time. (more…)

A DIY survival sling shot with big game capabilities
by WRETHAOFFGRID on OCTOBER 21, 2014 - 0 Comments in WRETHA



Could you survive in the wilderness with only a sling shot as your weapon?

Lots would depend on your survivability. Having a means to harvest protein and animal fat would surely increase your chances.

In a perfect world, the sling shot would not be my first choice. But having options makes one more robust.

When Dave Canterbury first talked about hunting big game with a sling shot, I thought he’d lost his mind. But then again, I’ve seen him do amazing things with common, everyday items. [Note: Check your local hunting regulations before hunting with a sling shot.] (more…)

Militia man seeking sanity.
by RHIEDYK on OCTOBER 20, 2014 - 8 Comments in I WANT TO GO OFF GRID

I am a retired former state employee from the mid west that handled disasters and cleaned up societies mistakes and natural disasters.
I am on a limited income and I am currently in the big ABQ region.
I am searching for a new place to call home that has meaning and reason.

My heart belongs in the South western area of this map. This I do not doubt.
Just need to have my life mean something and have some direction.

3 Adults Who Want to Move Off-The-Grid

My mom, older brother and I are all looking for an opportunity to live off the grid. My mom and older brother are out of work and looking for opportunities in Portland Oregon just haven’t brought them any luck. At this point, we really don’t think that the traditional lifestyle is for us anymore. We are looking to join a community of people, such as a working farm or ranch of some kind or anything similar where we can contribute to the community overall and be part of something much different than the traditional. We are all very healthy and none of us are on any medication nor do we have any health issues. We’re also in good shape. We are healthy eaters and while we do eat meat, we wouldn’t mind at all becoming vegetarian based on a community’s beliefs. All three of us come from a Christian background and would be open to joining a community of that faith, although we are also open to opportunities that are non-religious or something like that. We don’t smoke, we don’t do drugs, we don’t drink heavily at all. We just want the opportunity to contribute to something much different than what we are used to and we are open to learning new skills to contribute.

LED technology and DIY
by WRETHAOFFGRID on OCTOBER 19, 2014 - 0 Comments in WRETHA


Off gridders have been around for a long time, but it’s just been recently that technology has been available to make living off grid as cushy as any grid connected home, not only available but affordable as well. One thing everyone needs is light, we have several different options to light the darkness, candles, oil lamps, Coleman lanterns, flashlights, incandescent bulbs, CFL bulbs and most recently, LED lights.

I think all of us have used many of these options at some point in our lives, I can remember camping as a kid and having Coleman lanterns and flashlights, but most of these are either expensive, use up too much power, or they are risky to use (specifically the ones that use fire). (more…)

Permaculture in Colorado needs a water permit
by VEG-HEAD on OCTOBER 19, 2014 - 0 Comments in FOOD

Permaculture in Colorado - needs a water permit

Forest of Food for the Currys

“A forest full of food” has a nice ring to it, and the concept is realized using permaculture farming techniques.

Grant and Kathy Curry of Dolores are creating an innovative farm at the head of Trail Canyon in Dolores, Colorado that they hope will produce food for generations while skimping on water. (more…)

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